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Although The Evans Group no longer consults, the web site lives on!

Russ has created a number of presentations on many topics related to CICS, written several articles for peer-reviewed technical journals, and developed a few sample programs, all of which are available for download here. Feel free to copy, print, modify, distribute, and re-use anything you find useful, but please credit us if you do.

An archive of Threadsafe specific presentations and articles can be found on the Threadsafe page.

Russ has written a number of articles for peer reviewed journals on the subjects of Threadsafe and CICS Web enablement:

Russ has been a speaker at Share for over ten years. The most up-to-date versions cover topics from debugging to threadsafe:

Looking for the free CICS Core Display Utility? Click here for details.

Download the source code for some sample assembler programs that illustrate use of the CICS System Programmer programming interface:

  REENEWC A newcopy utility that distinguishes between a new copy and a refresh
  REESYST Displays basic information about the CICS region
  REEWHO Displays information about the terminal it's run on

(If you would prefer load modules of these programs, they are in the zip file with the Core Display Utility)



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